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Gehlot government to induct more than one lakh youths in departments and wings operating under Rajasthan government

True to the promises made to the people of Rajasthan in the 2018 assembly elections, the Congress government led by Ashok Gehlot in the state will provide more than one lakh jobs for aspirants in various departments under it.

The case was plagued with legal troubles, with the aspirants to various jobs obtaining stay orders from the courts on various issues. The Gehlot government, however, has shown a strong will to overcome the legal hurdle to create more than a lakh of such jobs.

According to an official statement, Gehlot said the state government is working with strong will and determination to make recruitment examinations in government departments fast, litigation-free and transparent.

“In less than three years, around 97,000 positions have been filled. For this, the rules have been modified and simplified where necessary. Legal obstacles have been removed,” he said.

The feeling of dissatisfaction and hopelessness among the candidates due to a delay in recruitment arises after the conduct of various written examinations and interviews through various bodies like the Civil Service Commission.

The Rajasthan Civil Service Commission and Service Selection Board on April 24 this month would endeavor to pre-screen the jobs in 24 categories. The recruitment process for public relations assistants will begin on April 24, for which there are 76 positions.

Subsequently, the process of recruiting basic IT specialists, senior IT specialists, village development agents, forest guards, forest inspectors and junior engineers will begin.

About 32 lakh candidates are competing for these 19,120 jobs. The highest number of jobs at 9862 are for basic IT operators and after that the recruitment process for the appointment of 5396 Village Development Officers would start.

According to a state government official, the applicants for these seven positions alone exceeded 32 lakh applicants and for the forestry jobs for which 2400 recruitments would be made, the number of applicants alone is 22 lakh. This shows the large number of people eager to join the government jobs.

The state government directs the recruitment process through the Rajasthan Civil Service Commission and Service Selection Board, which are self-governing bodies.

However, the largest one-time recruitment process is for the education department to recruit 46,500 third-grade teachers, with the process due to begin in July. This recruitment process would be carried out by the Service Selection Committee which would recruit over 69,000 young people into various government jobs in the fiscal year 2022-2023.

In the month of June-July, some 1,264 vacancies would be filled through various recruitment processes. These are jobs for collectors, accountants, inspectors and junior assistants, physical education teachers and librarians in schools.

The recruitment process would be conducted under the new bill titled Measures to Prevent Abusive Means in Recruitment, which has been passed by the Vidhan Sabha. This has been termed as an effective measure taken by the government to punish all those who indulge in stealing question papers and selling them at a high price to aspiring teachers to enable them to get government jobs.

It provides for up to 10 years in prison and a fine of Rs 10 crore to prevent cheating and the use of unfair means in competitions.

The law would provide for the seizure of the assets of anyone who engages in unfair practices. Anyone taking unauthorized assistance in a public examination from any material may be liable to imprisonment for up to three years and a fine of at least Rs 1 lakh .

Anyone found guilty of being involved in cheating will be fined a minimum of Rs 10 lakh and a maximum of Rs 10 crore. Provisions were made in law to confiscate the property of the copycat gang.

All offenses specified in the proposed law must be recognizable, non-bailable and non-aggravated. All candidates who have been found guilty of a violation of the provisions of the law are prohibited from taking any public examination for a period of two years.

In February this year, the state government canceled various levels of REET after discovering that the culprits had managed to leak documents with the active participation of some education department officials. He then sacked the chairman of the Rajasthan State Board of Secondary Education, DP Jaroli, for his failure to maintain the sanctity and secrecy of examination procedures.

The Gehlot government has also initiated the process of job creation in urban areas modeled on MNREGA. This 100 Days of Guaranteed Jobs program under the Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Opportunities would provide jobs under the state’s various urban development plans.

Young people would be involved in jobs as part of urban development plans such as rainwater harvesting, planting, roads, trails, garbage collection, sewer cleaning, anti-encroachment campaigns, government land protection and the horticulture sector.

According to the secretary of the local self-government department Joga Ram, the draft of this urban recruitment plan has been finalized and sent to the finance department for budgetary sanctions.

Jobs for youth would be provided on a registration basis through various municipal wards. Young people who belong to a particular neighborhood would be given priority, but some provision has been made for migrant workers who would also benefit from the scheme.

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