Fury vs. Whyte splits scholarship, salaries, net worth: How much money will the heavyweights make?

Both Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte will earn millions for their highly anticipated heavyweight title fight in London on April 23, although the heavy split between their purses has been a point of contention in the build-up.

Challenger Whyte admitted during the final pre-fight press conference that he remains unhappy with the lopsided split for the biggest fight of his career. We’ve taken a look at how much each man has made during his concussion career and what he will earn for his showdown.

What are Fury vs Whyte handbags?

British promoter Frank Warren has submitted a record bid of $41 million for the fight, including $29.5 million for Fury, who will take home a bonus of $4.1 million if he successfully defends his WBC titles and The Ring.

The base sum each fighter will receive represents a disputed 80-20 split in favor of the giant known as “The Gypsy King”. That means Whyte, who would earn the same bonus if he caused an upset, will pocket $7.4 million for getting in the ring.

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Why does Whyte earn less than Fury?

Whyte has vowed to do whatever it takes to beat Fury, so it was no surprise to hear him express his frustration at only picking up a fifth of the base bonus on the biggest night of his career until now.

The share was decided by the WBC – distributors of the title held by Fury – before the scrap was confirmed at the end of 2021.

What did Whyte say about the split?

Reports had suggested the split dispute could end in legal action, although Whyte admitted it was now too late to launch a meaningful challenge over the financial terms of the contest, adding that he was thoroughly excited for a fight he has long campaigned for.

There have been rumors that Whyte did not attend several media obligations in the months leading up to the fight because of the issue.

The Londoner also insisted he doesn’t dwell on the issue – and he knows he will have the upper hand in the future if he becomes the first fighter to beat Fury.

Tyson Fury Career Earnings and Net Worth

In 2020, after the first of his two knockout victories over Deontay Wilder, financial experts Forbes said Fury had earned around $50 million during his in-ring career in just 12 months.

As one of the most instantly recognizable and sought after athletes in the world, Fury has published a bestselling book, signed a number of endorsement deals and enjoyed a lucrative connection to WWE which has leads to reports that he now has a net worth of around $150 million.

What is Dillian Whyte’s career earnings?

Whyte is one of the UK’s highest earning athletes and has been involved in huge fights since winning his first title in 2015, including a bonanza for a creditable loss to current champion Anthony Joshua the same year.

The 34-year-old earned a career-high £4m ($5.1m) for his surprise loss to Alexander Povetkin in 2020, according to Sportekz – a loss he avenged a year later. The outlet puts his net worth at $7 million, which would mean he will more than double the figure against Fury.

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