Find out who is the richest member of BTS

“Smooth as butter, like an undercover criminal..” has been the lyrics to a song that has been playing on repeat in many of our playlists for a few months now. Guess which boy band dropped this internet fire? Yes, it is the biggest boy band in the world, BTS. They were loved, adored, and covered in fandom from all sides. Their last song, Butter, has long been in the top 200 charts and most streamed songs on Spotify.

Their other famous works include Dope, Boy in Luv, Blood Sweat & Tears, Dynamite, and much more. Who hasn’t been in love with them for their excellent beats and well-coordinated dancing? It shows how far this group has come in their eight years of travel.

Does this make fans and the military curious how much their favorite band earns? How much are they worth? Who is the richest member and why? All the answers are in this article.

Here’s what we know about BTS and their net worth.

How Much Is BTS Group Net Worth?

BTS Reaches Another Milestone With Music Video ON Reaching 300 Million Views
Credits: BigHit Music

The BTS group is worth $100 million in 2022, according to multiple reports. It is because of the fame they gained instantly and the way their songs reach the whole world. As a group, they are worth it because of the combined contracts, deals, and endorsements they make as part of the promotions for their music albums and concerts. Their merchandise itself is highly sought after and only sells well if the band promotes it.

We also observe that after historic bands like Pink Floyd, The Beatles and One Direction, only BTS has been able to get the love that crosses language barriers and crosses borders just to pierce the heart.

Who is the richest member of BTS?

Well, as a group, BTS can be called rich, but each army has its own bias or favorite member, and several factors contribute to this, such as the skills they have, the roles they play, the social media presence, live performance skills and much more. Based on this, their net worth also varies as they get various endorsements and share success based on the roles they play, and that’s fair because all five fingers can’t be equal. Although all the members are in the range of $20-35 million, let’s see who is the richest member of BTS.

J Hope

Jhope BTS Network

Being one of the richest members not only due to the success of his latest solo but his overall skills, J-Hope is an all-rounder in the group. His excellent dance skills made him the choreographer and coordinator, making him a central part of the group. His net worth is estimated to be around $34 million.

rap monster


Rap has not gone out of fashion in pop culture and Rap Monster, affectionately known as RM, gives one of the best raps that makes it unique as its role is exclusive and irreplaceable. He has also independently patented around 130 raps in his name, which makes his net worth around $31 million.


BTS Suga

Suga is known for his works and his single did very well. For this reason, he endorsed famous brands. Suga writes songs outside of Korea for several countries and has 70 works to his credit. This makes his net worth around $30 million.


BTS Jimin

It can be said hands down that Jimin has a great sense of fashion. Whether it is her clothes or her accessories, they are very well chosen. That’s why brands prefer him for endorsements, whether it’s fragrances, accessories, or clothes, and his charming face and aura really does the magic. He is also appreciated for his vocals and the impossible high notes he otherwise performs with ease. This global fame and international presence ranks him number four with a net worth of around $27 million.


BTS Jungkook

The youngest and most sought-after member among international audiences, Jungkook is known for his collaborations with singers like Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth. He is versatile and has a lot of potential to rise once he creates his own Mixtape that fans have been waiting for. But as of now, his net worth stands at around $26 million.



The second-youngest member of BTS is loved for his on-screen charm and his off-screen friendships. His deep connection with Jungkook is famous all over the world. But we see that he has a taste for acting and that he is getting into it little by little. He has played a few roles in historical Korean dramas before, but we hope to see him more in BTS for the perfect blend of joyful drama he adds to the group. His net worth stands at $26 million.


Jin BTS Network

Jin is the businessman of the group. It may be so because he comes from a wealthy family, being the son of a CEO who owns a Korean company is not easy. His emcee skills are so good that people love having him in live shows. His ability to give BTS a worldwide presence and be their guardian as he is the oldest member puts his net worth at $25 million.

While BTS has many more prospects and line-ups of upcoming concerts and performances together and personal developments in the form of singles, we’re waiting to see more of our favorite group.

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