Federal election live updates: Coalition releases final policy costs, says cuts to public services won’t impact support for Australians

Q: You mentioned law and order in the Northern Territory. In Sydney, there have been three gang killings in Sydney in a fortnight. The police say it’s the war on drugs. Why is neither political party in this election saying anything about importing drugs and securing our borders and drugs?

Morisson: I would be glad to. We published our policy on these matters just a week ago…

Journalist: People are being killed on the streets of Sydney.

Morisson: I wouldn’t say that. I would say that tackling crime and public order issues is a challenge in every country in the world. The idea that there is no crime, I think, is a bit unrealistic.

What we have done, as a government, is we have massively increased our investments in the federal police, in particular, to ensure that they work more closely with state authorities, whether in New South Wales or Western Australia or anywhere else in the country, to make sure they have the tools. I mean, we just have to go back to the major operation we were involved in to disrupt the gang activity that we did with the FBI. It was one of the largest multi-jurisdictional operations our country has ever engaged in. And in fact, the FBI came here, I stood with one of the top FBI directors, with me, and praised Australia for the job that our AFP had done. and our local law enforcement authorities.

The battle against organized crime – it never ends. It never stops. And that’s why we’ve continued to invest in the capabilities that we have to hunt down organized crime, to disrupt organized crime, to use the surveillance and the technology that’s there to really increase our capabilities, and not just on crime organized. But on pedophiles and on those who would seek to abuse our children online and groom them, and we have done that from time to time, as a government, and made it a very high priority.

Now this is what our government has done. That’s what we did, every day – increasing our ability to deal with public order issues. But mostly, and Damian might want to talk about that because we were in Alice Springs recently. A very serious problem with law and order there. We sat down with the mayor. We found the right way to do it, which was a mix of early intervention programs through to larger patrols and making sure we could do it on the ground in Alice Springs.

So we come to the table to try to resolve these issues. But law and order here in the Territory – it’s a big deal. And we’ve dedicated resources and support to make sure it can be solved. And with Damian and Tina, it will continue.

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