Federal election live: Labor three seats from majority as count continues

Labor are closing in on an outright majority in the lower house after winning the Bennelong seat in New South Wales, taking the party’s total to 73.

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By Jessica Riga

Why did Barnaby Joyce bring up the possibility of not supporting net zero?

“The Nationals party can talk about whatever issue they want. We don’t walk into the party hall saying it won’t be discussed or it won’t be discussed,” he said.

“I said I intended to stick to our agreement. But if other people want to discuss it, that’s their right.

“My intention is to stick to the deal that I negotiated. That’s how it works. Now, of course, the Labor Party is now presenting a different proposal to Parliament. I imagine people want in discuss.

“I don’t see anything remarkable in that.”

By Jessica Riga

Does Barnaby Joyce think he is holding back the Coalition vote?

And can he imagine a time when a National Party leader was used as a weapon not to vote Liberal?

“No, I think the reason they didn’t…it’s nonsense. It’s like saying Tim Wilson was a vote-stopper in central Queensland,” Joyce said.

“They know if they’re voting for a National candidate or a Liberal candidate, that’s as clear as that. I think there are a lot of other issues at play, especially within the Liberal Party, especially in New South Wales.”

“My job is to lead the National Party, not to lead the Liberal Party.

“I’m not responsible for the Liberal Party. The Nationals, in every seat we were in, we won. Sorry, every seat we had a member in, even incumbents, we won. And we got another seat in the Senate. And we were within striking distance of two other seats. The Nationals campaign was obviously a success. I can’t speak for the Liberal campaign. That’s up to them.

By Jessica Riga

How confident is Barnaby Joyce right now that he will stay in his job?

(News Breakfast)

Chief of Nationals Barnabas Joyce is on Breakfast at the moment and continued to say he is “very confident in the democratic process” and says he hasn’t heard of “anybody publicly saying they want to run” for Nationals leadership.

“I accept the result. We won all the seats we had, along with three retirees. We won another seat in the Senate. Our party hall will be bigger after July 1 than before. We were a distance striking another two seats. , Hunter and Lingiari. It’s probably still in the undecided column. So it was a very… riptide where the Liberals lost 19 seats. That’s a very good result” , he said.

“Now at this point I haven’t heard anyone publicly say publicly that they want to run. I accept that if they do. That’s how the party works.”

By Jessica Riga

Analysis: The new Prime Minister is about to make a big down payment for Australia

(ABC News: Luke Stephenson)

The Quad meeting becomes the first opportunity for Labor to assess, first-hand, how China has changed geopolitics since the last time the PLA was in power. It was in 2013, the same year Xi Jinping became president.

Here’s more from the political editor Andre Probyn in Tokyo:

Talk about jumping into the deep end.

The wheels on by Anthony Albanese new pair of wings left the tarmac in Canberra at 12:10:32 a.m. sharp on Monday.

He had officially only been Prime Minister for three hours and five minutes and here he is, on his way to Tokyo on the RAAF’s KC-30A, heading for a critical meeting of world leaders led by the President of the United States.

Albanese opted for an extraordinary international initiation.

After a grim six-week tussle with Scott Morrison, what sweet validation it might have felt to fly off in his predecessor’s jet as Australia’s man.

Not that Albanese had much time for such pinch moments. He knows he has a huge task ahead of him, protecting the nation’s interests abroad while trying to put his own stamp on the country.

By Jessica Riga

When will we know if Labor has a majority or minority government?

Hello Jessica! When can we expect the majority/minority announcement?


Hi Danielle! Good question.

workers for the Australian Electoral Commission have been furiously sorting and counting the votes since the polls closed at 6 p.m. Saturday.

But there’s a mountain of mail-in ballots to sort through, and many of them will take up to two weeks to get counted.

Those mail-in votes could be important in determining the outcome in some extremely close seats, which you can explore here.

By Jessica Riga

Speaking of the Quad meeting….

The Prime Minister arrived at Tokyo with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Penny Wang before the Quad Leaders’ Summit with Japan, India and the United States.

By Jessica Riga

Anthony Albanese has a phone call with Boris Johnson

Newly sworn in Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had a 25 minute chat with his British counterpart Boris Johnson.

The conversation took place as Mr. Albanese was flying towards Tokyo for the Quad meeting between the leaders of Japan, India, United States and Australia.

Mr Albanese described the phone call as friendly and positive, reflecting the close ties between Australia and Britain.

The leaders discussed the AUKUS security agreement between the UK, US and Australia as well as climate change.

By Jessica Riga

Boothby’s Liberal candidate concedes marginal Labor seat

The Liberal candidate for the seat of Boothby, South Adelaide, Rachel Swiftconceded the marginal seat to the Labor Party Louise Miller Frost.

In a statement last night, Dr Swift said ‘while 30% of the vote remains to be counted… it is very likely that Labor won the majority of the vote’.

She then congratulated Labor on their victory and said she was disappointed the country had not put more scientists in parliament.

Ms Miller-Frost will become the first Labor MP in the seat since 1949.

The seat was previously occupied by Nicole Flint on a margin of 1.4 percent.

By Jessica Riga

The direction of the national championships will be decided as early as next week

Chief of Nationals Barnabas Joyce refuses to comment on whether he should remain party leader.

The Nationals are ready to keep all 16 from their seats in the lower house, and take a new seat in the Senate.

(ABC News: Jed Cooper)

But under party rules, the start of the new parliament triggers an automatic overthrow of the Nationals leadership.

Mr. Joyce will not wonder if he anticipates a challenge or if he should stay as a leader.

“It’s all for the room and I’m pretty happy with the democratic process,” he said.

“I’m pretty comfortable with it. I talk to my co-workers all the time. I’m pretty comfortable with the democratic process. That’s what I like about the Nationals. We’re the organization more democratic. Totally comfortable with that.”

Mr Joyce dismissed any suggestion his party would cost the Coalition seats in urban electorates, won by Teal independents who compared a vote for Liberal moderates to a vote for Nationals who had long refused to support the goal from net zero.

“I’m not in the Liberal Party, I’m in the Nationals… people downtown aren’t so stupid they wouldn’t realize the Nationals aren’t actually sitting in their place,” a- he declared.

By Jessica Riga

Labor wins former John Howard seat for only second time in more than 70 years

the Labour Party claimed the seat of the liberal stronghold of Bennelong on Sydney’s North Shore for only the second time in over 70 years.

This seat – which was once occupied by the former Prime Minister John Howard— will now go to Jérôme Laxale Labor after a major swing.

liberal candidate Simon Kennedy failed to succeed popular deputy John Alexander, who chose not to run in the election, which saw the party’s 6.9% margin disappear.

ABC’s chief election analyst Antony Green said postal votes were held for Labour.

“The mail-in votes that were counted today broke even,” he said. “The Coalition needed to improve its voting on mail-in voting but today it broke even.”

By Jessica Riga

Hello, here’s what’s going on today

Work is closing in on an outright majority in the lower house after winning the New South Wales seat of Bennelongbringing the party’s total to 73.

Meanwhile, Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce refuses to consider whether he should remain party leader (more on that in a moment).

I am Jessica Riga and I will let you know today as the vote count continues.

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