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While every job description, whether posted on Indeed, another job posting site, or your company’s website, must include an equal employment opportunity statement, job responsibilities, skills and educational requirements, the executive assistant job description should also include any specific responsibilities unique to the position. with your company or the executive with whom the assistant will work.

To write a job description that will appeal to qualified candidates, you need to speak directly with the executive to find out their top priorities for the executive assistant. Ask them if they have any unique work habits or preferences worth noting. For example, if the executive travels frequently, you’ll want to include responsibilities for travel arrangements and managing travel receipts in the job description.

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Executive assistants do more than administrative tasks; they are often the “right arm” of the leader who allows him to advance the initiatives and the objectives of the company. They filter and take care of day-to-day functions that are part of the executive’s role so that the executive can focus on high-level leadership and strategy functions. Your job description should include a brief overview of the company and the main duties of the position, as well as detailed information about responsibilities, skills, qualifications and benefits.

Responsibilities of the Executive Assistant

Your job description should include a list of the main responsibilities of the executive assistant. Since every executive works differently and will likely have their own priorities, it’s important to be as specific as possible about responsibilities so you can find the most qualified candidates. Feel free to elaborate on your job responsibilities, but here are some of the most common executive assistant responsibilities:

  • Manage the schedules of company executives
  • Draft, edit and send communications on behalf of the company’s officer(s)
  • Organize and prepare for meetings, including collecting documents and assisting with meeting logistics
  • Answer and respond to phone calls, communicate messages and information to the executive
  • Prioritize emails and respond as needed
  • Coordinate travel arrangements
  • Maintain various files and documents for company executives

Executive Assistant Skills and Qualifications

Executive assistants typically have a high school diploma or GED, but some companies will prefer applicants to have a bachelor’s degree as well. Some of the key skills of an executive assistant are:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to pay attention to details
  • Organization skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Basic understanding of frequently used computer software and programs, such as Microsoft Office
  • Personal skills

Additional information to include in the job description

You will also want to include information about your company and the industry in the job description, particularly regarding the role and responsibilities of the executive assistant. For example, if the company has a CEO and COO, and the executive assistant will work for both executives, you’ll want to include that information in the job description. If, for example, the company is in the digital media industry, you may want candidates to have a working knowledge of that industry, including frequently used technology processes, terminology, and programs.

It might be useful to also include salary information. In fact, if you have employees in Colorado or are in a remote position that may have applicants in Colorado, you may need to include salary information. It’s also helpful to include information about benefits, and don’t forget to include information about equal employment opportunities or other information required by law.

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