Curious Thing’s voice assistant offers a different approach to asking questions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm as it significantly contributes to advancements in technologies that make people’s lives much easier. A Sydney-based startup, Curious Thing, has something else in mind, however. The company provides more improved voice AI.

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Curious Thing, a voice AI platform, offers something unique: it can ask questions in open context. The platform is primarily used by healthcare and finance companies, and recently raised A$7 million in pre-series funding led by Hawkstone with participation from Blacksheep Capital, January Capital, Reinventure and Qualgro. .

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The idea behind Curious Thing

CEO Sam Zheng said, “Instead of answering questions like ‘how’s the weather today?’ We thought we could build an AI that was designed to ask questions in open context and, most importantly, pull ideas from people.”

Ai Voice is proactive customer service designed to encourage customers to share more. As mentioned, one of the industries that uses the platform is the healthcare sector, which is used for daily patient checkups. The company has worked with several Australian state governments to call COVID patients about their symptoms and situation.

Voice AI was able to help clinicians determine the right kind of support a patient needs based on the information provided by the AI.

In the financial industry, voice AI is used in onboarding assistance, payment reminders, information validation, and collecting stale customer feedback.

“With the Curious Thing engine, we can understand people in their own language,” said Rik Johnson, chief solutions officer for Curious Thing.

Vonage and curious thing

Vonage Communications APIs enable developers to create and enhance intelligent, intuitive customer experiences directly within existing devices and applications. The combination of Curious Thing and Vonage APIs includes voice, SMS, numbers and reports. They allow Curious Thing customers to connect at scale across all channels and locations.

According to Johnson, “Without Vonage, we wouldn’t be able to connect our customers with huge volumes of people globally, while maintaining personalized connections. The combination of the Curious Thing engine and the near limitless capacity of API Vonage helps us solve a variety of problems for our customers.”

The rise of AI Assistant Tech in Australia

A recent survey by Curious Thing showed that a growing number of Australians believe voice assistants are better at resolving text or email queries. This pushes the company to provide a new scalable digital channel like SMS and email with “high energy conversations”.

Its voice AI is also evolving from an interesting tool to a business tool that will boost customer feedback and improve the overall communication strategy of businesses today.

The AI ​​is also designed to perform more complex tasks that will require every human agent to act as a team leader, as they will have to spend more time planning and thinking about what they want the AI ​​to cover. . As a result, human agents will think more, plan more, and be more strategic.

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