collins | “These are incredible nights”

Wolves youngsters have been amazing since the start of the year, losing just one league game, and that positivity carried over into the play-offs, where promotion was secured after a very professional win over Stoke City . Since Collins arrived in January 2020, he has developed a young group, and while he expects the cycle to change next season as some people take the next steps, he knows the importance of nights like Monday and the opportunity to celebrate success together.

On a special night

“These are amazing nights. In development football you don’t get a lot because you’re in development, that’s the word, but part of development at the end of a youth team process is about learning how to win, and to top it all off with a promotion, that’s awesome.

“It’s great for the club to be in the Premier League, it’s great for the individuals to get the plaudits their hard work deserves, and it’s great for the staff and the academy to have a evening like this. It gives everyone a lift before our break to get back to shoot and go again.

On game control

“I thought we were great in the first half, we were, some of our football was great, really a joy to watch. With two you’re not sure if you should stick or twist, which is understandable, so we did a bit of both and I don’t think they threatened our goal too much. It was just about seeing the game at the end, but it’s great for the young guys to get that experience.

“I told them before the West Brom game that even if you have a brilliant career, you don’t get a lot of cup finals, you don’t get a lot of titles and a lot of promotions, so those nights are important. to enjoy and I hope they will.”

On the mental strength of the group

“I’m quite a philosopher that we could have lost on penalties to Norwich and we’d all be sitting on the beach by now, but if you work hard you get what you deserve. We didn’t get what we deserved at West Brom, thanks to them I thought it was one of our best performances of the season and we came away with nothing.

“So to pick us up against Norwich, get through penalties which were obviously exciting and beat Stoke, they now have what they deserve which is promotion and I couldn’t be more delighted for them.”

Over the whole group gathering

“We are a united football club. The first team staff were there, greeting me off the pitch, and they don’t need to be there – they’ve had a long and difficult Premier League season. They could be at home with their families, but they’ve come to support us all season, they’ve been brilliant with us, and the Under-18 staff have supported us with players, and we discuss everything.

“We try to produce a development program that suits the individual. Sometimes it’s not good for the team, sometimes it affects the results, but we try to produce a program that suits the individual. Hopefully we get the balance, competitive and winning games, and eventually the individual develops so we can get them into the first team or on loan, and we’re all pulling in the right direction.

On the work he’s done as a head coach

“When I first came it was January, just before Covid, and we had some really tough games – thrown in the deep end if you will. The boys worked very hard from the first minute, then the season ended early, and we were in the wrong place, so we crashed. The boys pulled themselves together last year in the play-offs and were a bit unlucky at Palace, and this year, especially the second half of the season, they have been fabulous.

“On Monday they got what they deserved and the cycle continues, it’s development, we’ll lose quite a bit of that to first team and loans, and we start again with the next group down – that’s is the pleasure of work.”

enjoying the moment

“It’s great to see the fans here and I hope we’ve established a style of football that they like to see. Every time they come here I hope they see players who represent them. , players who work hard for the team, work hard for the group, show skill, are humble, and there’s nothing like a night like this to cap off the season.

“If you could end every season like that you would, but we all know football isn’t like that. We’re going to enjoy it as staff, as players, enjoy together and then everyone does. a break, and we fight to start again. That’s the nature of the game.”

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