BoP revisions mean the underdog has a chance of winning at Le Mans

Team founder Jim Glickenhaus believes changes to the performance balance system used in the WEC Hypercar class, along with improvements to the Pipo-powered 007 LMH and within the Glickenhaus team , mean that his team will be able to fight for Toyota in the French enduro next weekend.

“Why shouldn’t we go into the race believing we can win?” Glickenhaus told

“That’s why you’re racing, and we won’t go down easily.

“If you were a bettor, you would look at Glickenhaus and Toyota and say why someone like us who builds as many road cars in two years as they do in five minutes would stand a chance.

“But what we have now is a fair balance of performance; that’s all I asked for for us to have a chance.

He added that the results from the Le Mans test day on Sunday, when Romain Dumas set the second fastest time two tenths off the best of the Toyota GR010 HYBRIDs, provided proof that the BoP is now working.

Glickenhaus pointed to the change in the deployment rate of Toyota’s front-axle hybrid system as the key change from Le Mans last year.

Speed ​​dropped from 120km/h in the dry and 150km/h in the wet to a figure that now stands at 190km/h in all conditions for the Toyota after hybrid rollout was moved from the regulations BoP technique.

“I didn’t say I wanted 120mph, I just said having a four-wheel drive car shouldn’t be a huge advantage,” he explained.

Jim Glickenhaus, Glickenhaus Racing

Jim Glickenhaus, Glickenhaus Racing

Photo by: Marc Fleury

“I have great respect for what the Automobile Club de l’Ouest and the FIA [who jointly set the rules for the WEC] have done.

“They looked at all the data and found what I think is a fair BoP.”

Glickenhaus went on to say that his team’s LMH, developed in Italy by Podium Advanced Technologies, is also a more racy car than when the 2021 24 Hours was postponed last August.

“The Podium guys did an amazing job optimizing our car,” he explained.

He explained that the cockpit ergonomics of the Glickenhaus had been an area for improvement since 2021.

Glickenhaus and Luca Ciancetti, who run the 007 LMH program at Podium, also highlighted improvements within the team structure, which incorporates personnel from the multiple Le Mans-winning Joest Racing team.

“Last year our pit work wasn’t up to par, so we put a lot of effort into that,” Glickenhaus said.

Ciancetti explained that the team will also be stronger tactically this year.

“I would say that we are better prepared from a strategic point of view,” he said.

Testing for the 90th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the third round of this year’s WEC, will begin on Wednesday afternoon, with the first qualifying in the evening.

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