BOE fills assistant positions for May 17 primary

ELIZABETHTOWN — The Bladen County Board of Elections on Tuesday approved a long list of election aides for the May 17 primary without any dissent.

Each Bladen County polling station will have two poll workers, one from each political party.

According to BOE Director Chris Williams, approval of the aides list had to be unanimous because there were two Republican Party candidates and one Democratic Party candidate who were nominated to serve in constituencies where they did not reside.

He also said that the slate of assistant candidates from both parties was exhausted and that State Council Attorney Paul Cox had indicated that if the council could not agree unanimously, the election should be held without assistants.

After a brief discussion, the list of assistants was approved by the board, 5-0.

Those who were appointed assistants were…

—Abbotts: Iris Martin and Jamie Eaton

— Bethel: Allie Regans and Sandra Arrufat

– Bladenboro No. 1: Pamela Cain and Joanne Rogers

— Bladenboro No. 2: Catherine Cartier and Belinda Caulder

—Brown Marsh: Janice Blanks and Nancy Blackburn

—Carvers Creek: Darlene Bowen and Doris Davis

— Central: Pamela Melvin and Candace Bernini

— Colly: Pauline Johnson and Mary Byerly

— Cypress Creek: Mitchell McDonald and Tammy Bennett

– Elizabethtown No. 1: Rosalind Daniel and Cathy Price

– Elizabethtown No. 2: Charles Gause and Steven Bernini

—Frenches Creek: Diane Peterson and Bobbie Ann Jones

— Hollow: Angela Guions and Regina Thompson

—Lake Creek: Carolyn Denkins and Jennifer Beyer

— Turnbull: Tameika Strider and Deanna Anders

—Whites Creek: Jacqueline Hilliard and Tammy Campbell

— White Oak: Tarchanna McDonald and Angel Cole

In other business on Tuesday, the council learned of the resignation of Matthew Cromartie as polling station judge in Elizabethtown No. 1, and the Democratic Party nominated Ralph Hines to replace him. A motion was moved, seconded and a unanimous vote ensued.

Tuesday too…

– Williams told the board that none of the five mail-in ballots sent were returned. Those ballots are expected for May 17.

–Williams requested that the Democratic and Republican party chairmen submit three names to serve as emergency replacement aides on Election Day. The Democratic Party nominated Marilyn Munn, Wanda Daniels and Emily Coble. The Republican Party was to submit three names this week.

– Williams said he needed a Republican to be part of the MATS (multiparty assistance) team. Two Democrats and one Republican have already agreed to serve. They are Agnes Willis, Elizabeth Hayes and Jessica Taylor.

– Democratic Party Chairman Reverend Larry Hayes addressed the council asking that the council make arrangements for additional space at the Elections Office to allow voters to set up tents for the vote anticipated. After some discussion, council members agreed that his request would best be made to the county commissioners.

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