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TL Photo/ROBERT A. DEFRANK Bill Brooks addresses St. Clairsville City Council last week, inviting the public to an Oct. 1 dedication of new benches in South Park.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – The South Park Community Project Group is making new additions to the park at noon on October 1.

Bill Brooks, an adviser to the group, said the park south of Clark Avenue has a lot to offer the area and the group is dedicated to bringing out the potential.

“Our group is a group formed to renovate and organize events in South Park … and organize events for children. … We also want to honor the people of our community,” he said.

Last October, the group dedicated tables to Sherman and Irene Lyons, who pledged to serve those less fortunate, and to Frank Sabatino for his years representing the 2nd arrondissement as a city councilman.

“We’re going to honor Kevin Barr, who served as St. Clairsville’s first Director of Recreation. We’re going to honor John A. Bukmir for his years on city council, and we’re going to honor his son, John Mark Bukmir, because he succeeded his father and was just as professional and caring as his father. “, said Brooks. “The Bukmir are recognized as leaders of the city.

“(Barr) was the one who built the playground and he was 33 years old as the city’s director of recreation, he’s in charge of the amphitheater, the recreation center. When I first met Kevin, Mayor (Rick) White gave him a basketball, two softballs, a baseball bat, and a baseball. said Brooks. “He’s done a hell of a job here.

“We will also honor Ann Williams and the late Bill Williams as community icons for their involvement in the community,” Brooks said, adding that Ann Williams is expected to attend.

“Bill was also Belmont County’s first black deputy sheriff,” Brooks said, adding that the Williams impacted many lives. “Bill was always walking around the community. When he saw that someone needed a helping hand…he was there with them. He taught the children to play golf. Ann was like a mother to many young girls here because she had three daughters of her own.

“We are going to have some refreshments and we invite the public or people who know them to attend,” said Brooks.

Brooks congratulated group president Annie Upperman-Freese, trustees Greg and Rebecca Clark and secretary/treasurer Linda Bragg.

We also thank the Mayor of Martins Ferry, John Davies, for his assistance.

“He asked his team to build the benches and the chair. It shows that communities are working together,” said Brooks. “We paid for the wood and he had them built.”

The band also thanks Marian Martin, retired Union Local music teacher and longtime town resident, who donated a picnic table and two benches.

Brooks said the band members are all invested in the area.

“We did all of this without using taxpayer dollars because we want to show St. Clairsville pride,” he said, adding that the park is part of community life and many members have fond memories of it.

“We want to always have programs for children”, he said. “They say ‘if you build it they will come’, but our motto is they will stay if you give them something to do once they get there.”

Brooks added that they hope the ongoing activities and a sense of community will encourage young people to use and care for the park.

“We want to start having basketball games for little kids in the summer, and the churches have agreed to send people over there to teach arts and crafts and different things,” he said.

Brooks said anyone interested in joining or helping the South Park group can call 740-312-9363.

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