As the Albanian government takes office, it sends important signals about what Australians can expect from it

For ministers sworn into their new posts this week, there is likely to be no sweeter moment than when they were congratulated by the Governor-General and posed for a photo with their colleagues on the steps of Yarralumla.

All those years of political jostling, rising through the ranks, long days and late nights, daily chatter – it all dissolves. They are replaced by the feeling of having finally succeeded. It’s not just about politics now, it’s about being in government.

Being confirmed in your new job in front of your loved ones is a truly exhilarating and moving experience for most who have walked this path.

There is also the sudden weight of responsibility.

And then it’s for work: an avalanche of briefings, crises, crash courses on subjects you may have thought you understood but realize with a sickening crunch are far more complicated than you imagined.

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