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GREENE — Alumni of Greene School spent time with each other and their fifth-grade teacher during the 120th Greene Alumni Association gathering recently at the Mecca Community Church.

The event was held for many years at Greene School near State Route 87, later known as Maplewood North Elementary in the 1960s, before being demolished in 2019.

Several graduates had May Raymond as their fifth-grade teacher.

“It’s wonderful to see so many of my students. I have such fond memories of my time teaching there,” Raymond, 86, of Kinsman said.

Raymond said she taught fifth grade at Maplewood North for three years and also served as a substitute teacher at the school in the 1960s. In addition to teaching at schools in Pymatuning Valley before coming to Maplewood, she spent a total of 10 years working as a teacher before she and her husband, Glenn, raised their family in Kinsman.

She said her husband was from Greene.

Barbara Austin Switzer of Johnston, who was in Raymond’s class in 1964-65, brought him class photos with all of his classmates.

“I had a lot of wonderful teachers at school. We all loved Ms. Raymond,” she says.

Patti Peterson said she also remembers her time in Raymond’s class.

“I’m always happy to see so many people from my class here. There are a few that I haven’t seen in 50 years. Mrs. Raymond – she was great,” said Peterson.

Peterson said three generations of his family attended Greene School, and some had the same teacher. Alma Christy taught for many years and had Peterson, her sister and their father.

Susan Kintz, alumni secretary, said that although the alumni event was canceled in 2020, a smaller gathering was held last fall which was a combination of the 118th and 119th years.


Kintz said the alumni banquet is open to anyone who has graduated from Greene School, which once housed all grades through high school. It became an elementary school after older students moved to Maplewood High School in the 1960s.

Kintz said the banquet includes special recognition, a meal and get-togethers. She said the Class of 50 and members of the Class of 25 are honored each year and guests include the current year’s Maplewood High School graduates.

Kintz has helped the event since the late 1960s.

“I helped the cooks and I helped serve the dinners. When Greene School was torn down, we had to find a new place to hold this,” she said.

Kintz said it came as a shock to many when the old school was closed and razed. The school was the main venue for the community’s annual Old House Day Labor Day celebration, which included a parade and a frog-jumping contest.

The event has since taken place at the Church of the Nazarene, Masonic Lodge and Community Church in Makkah.

The two-story school was closed in 2017 following declining enrollment in the Maplewood School District. The oldest section of the school was built in the 1920s and the newest section in 2001. Students have attended the building for over 70 years.


Betty Geiwitz of Greene said she has lived in the township for 72 years and got to know a lot of people. She said many former students attended Greene School through 12th grade, but she started in school and later completed her junior and senior years at Maplewood High School.

“I love seeing these people. They are good people. When a person leaves, we send them an invitation to attend the alumni event. We invite them to come back to us. There are so many people that you won’t see for a long time. said Geiwitz.

Geiwitz said she had a tough few years, including COVID-19 and a car accident that killed a family member.

She said she talks with people and hears what they’ve been through for the past few years.

“This event brings people out and back in the group. They haven’t seen each other in so long and appreciate being able to come here and party. You see people smile when they see each other,” said Geiwitz.

She said the former Greene School property is owned by the Greene Township Fire Department, which plans to build a fire station there in the future.

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