Akron Restoration Home offers shelter and spiritual healing to drug addicts

Pastor Kenneth Ivory, left, and members of the Akron Restoration Home gather to pray before heading out to collect donations May 17 in Akron.

Six drug addicts, alcoholics and a former prostitute found a flyer from a recovery church in Toledo. Now they live together in Akron offering shelter and salvation to others.

Pastor Kenneth Ivory said God called him to Akron last year when the leader of the Toledo Restoration Church invited him and his wife, Peggy, to move into a cramped building in Excelsior Street in the Middlebury neighborhood of Akron. The couple met in church and got married after overcoming their separate battles with crack.

Peggy joined the church in 1996 when she and her 3-year-old daughter entered the Toledo Christian Women’s Home, which is run by the Restoration Church of Toledo. Kenneth arrived in 2003 and was ordained ten years ago.

They have traveled to Akron for the past three years on a mission to save others from addiction. Since April last year, they have been living with four churchmen in what is called the Akron Restoration House.

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