Afghan evacuees fill gaps in Fox Valley dental health staff

Dental assistant Mohammad Azimy, left, works with Dr. Heather Hassell on a patient May 25 at the Partnership Community Health Center in Grand Chute.  Azimy ran his own dental clinic in Kabul before evacuating from Afghanistan and moving to the Fox Cities last winter.

Being a dentist in Kabul kept Mohammad Azimy busy.

Besides running his own clinic in the Afghan capital, he also provided dental services at a local hospital and trained dental students at a university. He often worked until 8 or 9 p.m.

It all disappeared within days last August when the Taliban took over the country and he, his wife and child were forced to flee.

It was clear something was wrong on the morning of August 15, Azimy recalls, but he headed to the hospital anyway as usual. When he arrived, he said he saw people running away in fear. The police had abandoned their weapons in the streets and were taken away by taxi.

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