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A day in the life of a virtual assistant — RISMedia

One of the most common topics of conversation regarding virtual assistants (VAs) revolves around their schedule, especially for VAs who live on another continent, in a completely different time zone. How do you make it work?

In the case of VA MyOutDesk, it’s quite simple. As the company employing our VAs, we have procedures in place to designate and ensure their availability to clients in any time zone. We also track their activity during scheduled working hours to provide transparency for us and any customer who uses them.

In addition, we have a knack for selecting the right people for this type of work. Successful VAs recognize the opportunity, enjoy the luxury of working from home, and are passionate about a stable career. There is a degree of real engagement present in their ability to shape their daily lives around this work.

Since our VAs are based in the Philippines, many of them work night shifts. Not all of them though. Some work as assistants for companies that don’t need interaction during the day US time, so the VA is free to complete assignments and submit logs of work performed during their own day, while his boss in the United States sleeps. But some companies prefer their VA to be available during the day, in the United States. This is when a volunteer VA is assigned to work opposite shifts, sleeping all day and working nights.

We asked one of our VAs about his daily routine to get a more detailed idea of ​​his work/life balance. Let’s look at this:

09:00 After finishing their night shift, the VA clocked in and made breakfast, relaxing with a book or watching TV before going to sleep.

15:00 The VA wakes up and spends a few hours hanging out with family/friends, running errands, doing chores, etc.

7:00 p.m. At this point in the evening, the VA often takes a short nap to recharge their batteries before starting their night shift.

These people make themselves available to the company they serve, according to the schedule agreed upon when hired. That’s the name of the game with a MyOutDesk virtual assistant: flexibility, reliability and results.

If you’re curious about how a VA could help your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can request a free one-on-one consultation to assess your needs and discuss some options. Day or night, we have a professional for your needs.

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