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5 Free Vocational Aptitude Tests Available Online

Aptitude tests are good indicators of your skills. They use a scientific approach to assess an individual’s talents, strengths and weaknesses. A career aptitude test is a standardized test that helps you and your career counselors assess which occupations are best suited to your abilities.

Most high school students in the United States and Canada take vocational aptitude tests. If you’ve never taken one, want to reassess your skills, or are looking to change careers, here’s a list of free job aptitude tests available online that can help you assess your skills and explore new skills. career paths.

Screenshot of the Truity Holland Code career test homepage

Truity’s Holland Code Career Test is based on the Holland Code model, which classifies people into six work personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Entrepreneurial, and Conventional (RIASEC). These form the basis for assigning people to different interest groups, job categories or working environments.

This career aptitude test assesses you based on your interests, values, preferences for different activities and professions, how you see yourself compared to how others see you, and the things you tend to avoid. The Holland Code also contains a set of definitions, descriptions and adjectives related to the different working environment topologies.


The test takes about 5 minutes and you get your results instantly. You’ll learn about your primary and secondary areas of interest, careers suited to those areas, your best career matches, as well as sample job profiles, average salaries, and career growth prospects. The results also provide information on the types of jobs you should avoid. It’s always good to learn in advance that coding isn’t for everyone and then make costly career mistakes.

Screenshot of the Career Explorer aptitude test

Career Explorer’s free career assessment test is a 30-minute personality and aptitude test. You’ll answer a series of questions to assess your personality type, career matches, and education matches. In addition to assessing your interest in various activities of I like this for The hate, you will also give some professions up to five stars. The most comprehensive set of questions is about your personality type. You can save your progress and take the test in multiple sessions.

Although the test is free, you get partial results without purchasing a subscription. Free users can see the top 12 career matches and top six degrees, in addition to four key personality traits. Membership costs $48/year and will unlock your Personality Report, Trait Report, and the rest of your Career and Education matches with over a thousand possible choices. Additionally, career information, curated job postings, access to career coaching and training are also included in the paid report.

While the personality report focuses on your skills, strengths, and the careers you should pursue, the traits report talks about your unique and rare traits that will help you stand out in particular scenarios.

Screenshot of Keirsey's work temperament aptitude test

Keirsey’s Temperament and Careers Report helps candidates explore career options based on the four temperament types: Artisan, Guardian, Idealist, and Rational. Dr. David Kiersey believes that temperament encompasses several essential elements such as personality traits, habits, communication skills, activity preferences, values, etc. Most people can be classified into one of four temperament categories. Each temperament is further divided into four character or personality types with unique strengths and weaknesses.

You will need to provide your email address or sign up for free to start the test and get your report. The results are based on your choices, preferences, interests, communication skills, interpersonal skills, etc. The report will provide information on navigating the job market, best career options based on your personality type and industry survey data, communication, and more. The test takes about 10-15 minutes, is simple and straightforward, and you’ll get a neat PDF report when you’re done.

Screenshot of the ONet Interest Profiler Professional Aptitude Test

The O*Net Interest Profiler hosts a set of self-assessment tools to learn about career interests, educational planning, career exploration and job exploration. Introduced in 1999 by the US Department of Labor as a career exploration tool, it is free and contains a rich inventory of data on job statistics, job profiles, skills, growth arcs, etc

You will answer 60 questions to get your career assessment results. While occupation-based questions have radio buttons ranging from Totally agree for Not agree at all, careers are generally categorized into five Employment areas depending on the level of experience, education and training required. For example, groundskeepers and dishwashers fall under Employment area 1 and require little experience, education or training to be hired. On the other hand, pharmacists, lawyers and astronomers come under Employment Zone 5which requires significant preparation and resources.

Your interests, qualifications and experience match the Employment area you choose, to find the best careers for you. You can print your results, share them, learn about the best career options, explore different career arcs in your areas of interest, and find jobs, all on the same site.

It’s a wonderful tool for exploring jobs based on the level of difficulty you’re willing to face. You can choose Employment area 1 and looking for work from home with no experience. The tool will offer you jobs that match your interests.

Screenshot of CareerFitter Professional Personality Analysis Test

Career Fitter’s free workplace personality analysis test takes about 10 minutes to assess your skills and abilities. A summary of the results is available without payment. A one-time purchase of $19.95 will get you access to the full personality analysis report.

The report contains information about your personality strengths and weaknesses at work, methods of communication, the best work environment for you, your potential earnings and highest paying careers, remote career opportunities, famous personalities like you, etc

It also lists the five career fields best suited to your characteristics and the specific job profiles in those fields for which you are the ideal candidate. For example, you can learn more about choosing Data Analyst or Data Scientist based on your suitability report.

Various companies also use this test to assess potential hires. While including a matching career field or two would add more value to the summary, it’s enough to tell more about your work personality. You can use the other free tools mentioned above to explore career options.

Start career exploration with self-assessment

Self-assessment is the first step towards exploring new career options. Professional aptitude tests are tools that streamline your job search and help you choose the best job profiles in your areas of interest.

Picking one up will also help you avoid the pitfalls of pursuing careers in fields that don’t match your personality type, experience, and work abilities.

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