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Research on AI in the justice system

Teresa Schuster ’22 is a Fulbright Award alternate. This means that if more funds become available, she could be selected for the award.

If so, Schuster would travel to Estonia to research the pioneering use of artificial intelligence (AI) in its justice system. Specifically, she would study the impact of the use of AI on the public’s perception of judicial transparency and fairness. She began researching this topic while volunteering for a juvenile justice program in Miami and decided to continue her research in Estonia while attending a summer law program at the University of Tartu in 2021. As a Global Learning Fellow at FIU, Schuster has also researched the transparency of algorithms used in US justice systems.

“When we use algorithms in justice systems, we need to balance accuracy and transparency, maximizing both,” Schuster says. “I’m interested in ways we can harness technology to improve the courts’ accountability to the public. »

Schuster started FIU as a dual-enrollment student while home schooled and wasted no time getting involved in campus activities. She joined the university’s wildly successful Model United Nations team and became assistant news director for PantherNOW, a student-run outlet.

She participated in programming through FIU in Washington, DC – the university’s hub in the nation’s capital – during an internship at the Heritage Foundation, where she learned about regulatory and social reform programs. During the internship, Schuster worked with researchers on projects studying the federal child tax credit (which helps families get tax relief), Medicare, Medicaid, education policy, and civil rights law. In the spring of 2022, she interned with Congressman Chip Roy and became a Hamilton Scholar through FIU in DC. As a Hamilton Scholar, she completed the Washington Seminar, an FIU Honors College course, and advocated before the Department of Energy on behalf of FIU’s AI research conducted at the College of Engineering and computing.

Schuster says his time at CRF — including with the CRF team in DC and the Global Learning team — was invaluable in helping him refine his career goals and shape his views on the politics of the game. ‘education.

Her internship in DC led to a job opportunity this spring. She began working as a press assistant for Rep. Chip Roy in April, before graduating from CRF in May.

Students and alumni interested in learning more about Fulbright can contact prestigious@fiu.edu and/or access resources through a free, no-credit/no-grade online service. course on FIU Develop, designed to help Panthers apply for the Fulbright US Student Scholarship.

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