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10 Times The Criminal Minds Team Proved They Were Family

It’s hard to imagine, but the long-running show Criminal minds hasn’t aired for two years, with its last episode airing on February 19, 2020 (however, fans will be happy to hear that a revival is planned on Paramount+). With distance, it’s easy to criticize a show that ran for 15 years, but there were definitely some good ones – and big ones! – things about this popular criminal procedure.

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One of those things was the strength of the characters. While the crimes were high-intensity and disturbingly based on real events, and the characters came and went, the Core Group of Behavioral Analysis Unit profilers did not waver in their dedication to one another. others. There were many moments over 15 seasons that showed just how strong their friendship was — and how much needed, given their highly stressful and risky day jobs.

Celebrate Reid’s birthday

Spencer Reid holding a cake with numbered candles

In the midst of a tense and atmospheric episode, Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is struggling to turn 30. The team doesn’t have one, however – all they’re worried about is the fact that they may have missed their friend’s birthday. With a case closed and a criminal taken into custody, they wrap up the episode by throwing a birthday party for their genius.

As tense as the show can be, it’s always complemented by the support the team offers each other, and little moments like this can ring the strongest – perhaps especially in a show so dedicated to analysis. psychology of horrific murders.


Prentiss faking his own death

Members of Criminal Minds at Emily Prentiss' funeral after she faked her death

Emily Prentisse (Paget Brewer) was an established character early on as someone willing to do whatever it took to protect people, whether those people fell victim to an Unsub or their co-workers. When her past catches up with her in the form of prison escapee Ian Doyle and the BAU team is threatened, Prentiss again takes drastic measures by faking her death and going into hiding.

While that might not be the best way to handle the situation, it showed just how much Emily Prentiss cares about the team.

Help Reid after Maeve’s death

Maeve Donovan in 'Criminal Minds' just before she died

Maeve Donovan was a short-lived character on the show, and she didn’t have much time to explore her long-distance relationship with Spencer Reid, but her death devastated him and affected him for years to come. Maeve returned throughout the series in hallucinations and dreams, reinforcing how much she meant to him, and the BAU team showed their support for her after her death time and time again.

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From heartfelt conversations right after the death of the woman Reid loved to speaking sensitively about her later in the series, the others all deal with the loss as well as the psychological profilers.

JJ doing godfather team

Criminal Minds characters JJ (AJ Cook) and Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) watch JJ's newborn son Henry

NOT A WORD (A.J. Cook) and Reid had a touching relationship, more brother and sister than just colleagues. While a certain confession of unrequited love in a later season was hinted at in order to save their lives, it didn’t change their relationship and they continued to be best friends, as they had been ever since. start.

Perhaps the pinnacle of their friendship was when JJ had his first son and asked Reid to be his godfather in season three. Member of the team Garcia Penelope (Kirsten Vangsness) becomes her godmother. Overall, it was an incredibly sweet moment that underscored the trust and love the BAU profilers had for each other, even at the start of the series.

Rossi teaches the right way to cook spaghetti

David Rossi and the BAU team at home cooking spaghetti

Sometimes it’s the slightest gestures in this intense spectacle that allow the characters to show how much they consider others more than a group of colleagues. One of the season 7 episodes concludes a tense plot with a heartwarming scene – the whole crew goes to Rossi’s for a spaghetti night while David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) teaches the right way to do it.

Filled with the banter that characterizes the BAU relationship and the relatable friendly moment of going to a friend’s house for dinner, this scene is a small part of a larger show that emphasizes wholesome family dynamics.

Emily dances with the crew

Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss in 'Criminal Minds'

Fan-favorite character Emily Prentiss was never meant to stick around for long; after being written off the show the previous season to return, the Season 7 finale was her final appearance, and the writers sure knew how to make her final episode count.

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At JJ’s wedding, Prentiss watches the others dance together wistfully, already knowing that she is about to leave the team, until she is dragged into the group. She continues to dance with each member of the team, sharing a heartwarming final moment for them – and the fans – to cherish.

Morgan teaches Reid how to play baseball

Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan and Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid dressed in baseball gear on a field

Few friendships Criminal minds were as iconic as the one between Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Spencer Reid. Reid was close to the whole team, but it was great to watch his brotherly relationship with Morgan grow through years of hard work, danger, and personal struggles. The 6th episode of Season 8 lets them relax from their high-stress jobs as genius criminal profilers for the FBI and just enjoy being people with a game of baseball.

Luckily for Reid, who had no experience in the game, Morgan was there to teach him the sport like he was so many other times…and Reid ended up being as good at baseball as he was at pitching. crime statistics. (ultimately). Seeing the whole team having fun outside of work during a game later in the episode was also a heartwarming moment.

Morgan takes care of Reid suffering from anthrax

Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid in a hospital bed in the episode

Reid has become the writers’ punching bag over the show’s 15 seasons, or maybe something closer to a smitten pup. Either way, the writers’ affinity for imposing years of trauma on the character in the form of kidnapping, addiction, and loss can be seen as early as Season 4, when the genius profiler is accidentally trapped inside a building. exposed to anthrax.

His first reaction is to lock Morgan down to protect his friend, but Morgan stays there to be with him during the extraction and sanitization. When Reid wakes up in the hospital, Morgan is also there, eating his jelly like any good older friend-slash-brother would.

Rossi and Hotchner train football together

Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner is blurred in the foreground, while Joe Mantegna as David Rossi is in focus in the background

When Hotchner’s son wants to learn football, what better than a coach? Two coaches! Rossi and Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) join to oversee Jack Hotchner’s football team, proving they have one of the most underrated friendships on the show. While fans don’t see the two stoic men having heart-to-heart conversations very often, little moments like this offer a chance to see the common interests they have.

There are plenty of scenes with the profilers’ children and spouses, but somehow the ones where the other crew members show they know and care about them as much as they care about their colleagues are most affected.

The karaoke bar scene

The BAU team in Criminal Minds singing

Ending with another heartwarming moment where the crew can just relax outside of work, “Gatekeeper” hits a sweet note with the entire crew spending the night at a karaoke bar. Whether it’s forcing Rossi to sing “Piano Man” in front of the crowd or others joining him drunk, the scene is a great portrait of how close they all grew to bond over the nine seasons of the series. Aaron Hotchner recording their antics on his phone is just another plus!

Criminal minds is great for creating an atmosphere of deep relationships through just a few interactions, and there’s something so natural about watching BAU profilers become friends both inside and outside of their jobs!

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