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10 remote artificial intelligence jobs to apply for in March 2022

by Sayantani Sanyal
March 23, 2022

These remote AI jobs provide the experience needed for technical candidates to excel

Powerful technologies have become increasingly important in recent years. Along with ubiquitous computing, artificial intelligence jobs are also booming and currently show no signs of slowing down. The current technological landscape shows the power of AI in everyday life. From voice assistants that power smart speakers to ultra-fast high-tech computers, these technologies are bringing a positive change in our society and in the industrial sphere. With these increasing developments, there seems an inevitable need for artificial intelligence remote jobs. As the pandemic forced global businesses and industries to shut down, tech aspirants became increasingly interested in remote jobs to avoid relocating elsewhere. In this article, we have listed best remote ai jobs which tech aspirants can apply in March 2022.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Specialist

Offered by: Digital Horizons Technology & Media Services Private Limited

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India (remote)

The candidate is required to develop programs that solve customer problems and improve AEE their work more easily. They will use deep learning, NLP, chatbots, etc. to drive business growth with innovative ideas, help shape artificial intelligence strategies. Their motivation will be to use the potential of artificial intelligence and help the organization achieve its goals. They will also need to collaborate with cross-functional teams to analyze partner business and key areas where the application of AI can drive business growth.

Clerk data entry

Offered by: Grid Research Ltd.

Location: Tamil Nadu, India (Remote)

The company is hiring a Data Entry Clerk to update and maintain data in its two cloud-based systems. The Data Entry Clerk will play a critical role in continuously improving the user experience. Candidates will need to find and extract data from detailed web entries and add it to structured tables. This role requires very good command of written and spoken English, excellent attention to detail and organizational skills.

Technical Brand Specialist – Data Science and Data Governance

Offered by: IBM

Location: Maharashtra, India (remote)

At IBM, the candidate will use the latest data and AI software development tools, techniques, and approaches and work with leading minds in the industry to create solutions for clients they can be proud of. The candidate will work in a customer facing role understanding customer requirements, proposing appropriate solutions and ensuring the customer is delighted. They will also be responsible for preparing proposals, presenting solutions and benchmarking against clients. Lead engagements with clients to provide an IBM perspective in the areas of governance and data science and its application in various industries such as BFSI or telecommunications.

Machine Learning Specialist

Offered by: Talentica software

Location: India (remote)

The company is looking to hire a machine learning specialist with experience in different areas of machine learning and is flexible to work in broad areas of ML. Candidates applying for this position should have excellent programming skills and should be able to implement complex algorithms in Python, they should also have a deep understanding of ML and statistical algorithms, and have hands-on experience in use of machine learning libraries such as OpenCV, Tensorflow, Keras, etc.

Senior Scientist/ Senior Associate- Data Visualization, Manufacturing Intelligence

Offered by: Pfizer

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (remote)

The candidate will be responsible for providing expert data analysis and visualization development support to all teams in the manufacturing intelligence organization and in support of project execution across production sites. manufacturing. They will also need to translate business requirements into tangible solution specifications and high-quality, on-time deliverables, develop, test, and deploy intuitive and interactive dashboards for multiple analytics solutions, perform data engineering and data warehousing to create a data pipeline for analysis. solution development.

Senior Manager – Analytics

Offered by: CasaOne

Location: Bangalore, India (remotely)

The candidate will be expected to lead the entire data analytics function, collecting and analyzing data to gain valuable business insights and influence decision making. They will have their own vision and execution for the product operations function and help drive the organization’s strategy, apply statistics and data modeling to various aspects of the business, drive business growth, optimize business processes and improve the customer experience.

Machine Learning Specialist

Offered by: Anubavam

Location: India (remote)

Candidates will be required to investigate and convert data science prototypes, design and develop machine learning systems and schemes, perform statistical analysis and refine models using test results, find available datasets in online for training purposes, train and retrain ML systems and models as needed, extend and enrich existing ML frameworks and libraries, develop machine learning applications based on customer/customer requirements.

machine learning engineer

Offered by: Jarvis ML

Location: India (remote)

Jarvis ML is a global team with a proven track record of building world-class enterprise products and is looking for talented machine learning engineers to develop and optimize ML models. They will develop solutions for real-world, large-scale problems, design, develop, test, maintain and improve machine learning models, manage project priorities, deadlines and deliverables.

Staff Engineer, Machine Learning

Offered by: Narvar

Location: India (remote)

The candidate must create machine learning pipelines for use cases covering e-commerce, consumer trends, markets, logistics and new products, work on real consumer data for natural language processing, image classification, time series analysis, outlier detection, user modeling. , and also focus on working with big unstructured data, and being at the intersection of math, machine learning, business and computing and impacting millions of users through work .

Data Engineer

Offered by: Blacksmith Solution

Location: Tamil Nadu, India (remotely)

Candidates will be responsible for collecting, cleaning and harmonizing data from multiple sources, maintaining the integrity of operations for a different system, including maintaining master data, overseeing deviations from data and the sending of periodic reports. They must work with teams to provide timely and accurate data to systems, and automate data and reporting, configure systems when needed.

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